A prolific singer-songwriter who has written over 5,000 songs, Joseph Camuglia is a troubadour who performs at venues, such as restaurants, coffee houses, churches and music festivals or give pop-up concerts wherever there is a crowd, or to anyone who may want to hear a song or two. Joseph’s repertoire is a mix of covers from the ’60s and early ’70s along with his own original compositions. His instruments of choice are a few harmonicas and his 1974 Yamaha Acoustic Guitar. Considered Folk or Americana genre, you can find samples of some of his music below.



Music is for Everyone
From front porches and living rooms to large music festivals; Joseph has been singing his way around this country entertaining crowds from his youth. A native of Marlboro, New York, a small farming community 60 miles north of the city, Joseph has been writing and singing songs since he was a teenager. From country churches to schools; subways to street corners; restaurants, coffee shops, and bars, there is no venue too large or too small for Joseph to play. He has graced the stage of Pete Seeger’s Strawberry Festival as well as the 25th year reunion of The Woodstock Festival in Bethel, NY. A prolific songwriter who has written well over 10 thousand songs, His songs cover a wide array of topics, played in a mostly folk and Americana style. Joseph has several studio albums and many home recordings that are available. A troubadour in every sense of the word, Joseph travels frequently, both far and near, sharing his songs with listening ears from town to town. Joseph has written thousands of songs covering many topics and musical styles. And while his musical reach is broad, he still finds his personal niche in the Folk and Americana genre. Presently based out of Lexington, Kentucky, Joseph shares his life with his jewelry making wife, Amy who sometimes accompanies him on his musical wanderings.